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24 Hours

by Liberal Shimmering

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Created using techniques reminiscent of producers Jel, Ant, & Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind, 24 Hours chronicles a day in the life of an un-named individual.


released June 21, 2014

Production: Liberal Shimmering

Album Art: Mickey Mao (mickeymao.newgrounds.com)



all rights reserved


Liberal Shimmering Murray, Utah

Avid Hip Hop producer originally from Salt Lake City. Has been producing since '08 and got really into making Hip Hop 2 years later.

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Track Name: listen
Listen for a while.
We are young,
Waking all the time.
Growing as we do,
See the truth we lose,
How we soon forget
This love.
Track Name: suburbian frolic
Thought to be the ability,
to move or to cause changes,
in objects,
by force of the mind.
Track Name: grave robbing
This next part gets a little gross.
Sometimes you might have to dig up the body, sorry.
It's illegal in some states.
All states.
Possibly all states!

Cos, I don't shrug. I study the ramifications of my shovel
Loving the consequence of uprooting the jungle
I'm hugging the cycle of Gemini's duplicate tenants for muting the puzzle
I don't budge the motives
Encased inside the gauntlet's hunger quotas
Track Name: dew on the ground
Four o’clock in the morning
Dew is on the ground
Four o’clock in the morning
Mist is all around
As the time that I like best
To walk around about the town
I rave on to the morning
For the solid tune I’ve found

Four o’clock in the morning
Dig into my mind
Four o’clock in the morning
Surprise that war I find
Track Name: citizen's crisis
These are the times that try men's souls. In the course of our nation's history, the people have rallied bravely whenever the rights of men have been threatened.
Citizens, hear me out! This could happen to you!
Track Name: alone
Even though my home used to be their home
But due to separation and altercations with their mama’s it left me so alone
Track Name: far east coast
Nobody drops the n bomb up in here (Nobody.) That go for you too.
Hey, I am down with you man. You East Coast? I Far East Coast!
Track Name: love
You got married?!

Yeah, ok? Everything gets married. Even animals and spiders. And just because they don't have capes and suits and wedding parties and expensive rings, doesn't mean that they're not legally........ married.

Come on fight me!

Doesn't seem like you love her.

Well love is about compromises, Zorak.

That's right.

Compromising your future to the city council of Bethesda, Maryland. (cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut)

Track Name: itchy blue sky
All that scratching is making me itch!
Track Name: mushrooms for lunch
See, I dont know. I'm just different, you know.

Like remember those summer trips you’d take with your folks growing up? Remember those nightmare fucking excursions, you know?

Instead of doing that … why dont families take mushrooms? Stay home and trip together. It’d be a much better trip. The home movies would be tonnes more fun. Just twenty minutes of someone’s thumb. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

‘You see, son, the thumb is opposable. That’s why we can use tools and live indoors.’

‘Speaking of indoors, you get the impresion the walls are breathing?’
‘I do, Mom.’

It’s like we’re all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.’

‘There is no such thing as death, son. It’s only illusion that we are seperate beings. In actuality we are all one kind.’ Rrrrrrrrrrrr ‘God is love and love is all there is, and if that’s all there is there can be no opposite.’
‘Cool, Dad.’

I think that’d be such a neat trip … in a way, with your parents. I think it might be more of an … eye opener. Perhaps a third eye opener.
Track Name: memories
I stayed up late on the night before the day everything came to an end.
Track Name: return of the garbareks
beware of the beast man.
for he is the devils pawn.
alone among gods primates.
he kills for sport,or lust,or greed.
yay he will murder his brother to posses his brothers land.
let him not breed in great numbers,
for he will make a desert of his home,and yours.
Track Name: flour and rosemary
He took the wee one by the hand (?) flour and rosemary.
Track Name: reflection
In order to change the mind,
the ideas that we learn through books need to go from being mere concepts in our head,
to being truths that we treasure in our hearts.
It's the way we try our best to bring these ideas to life.

So this talk is about the actual process called ? in Tibetan,
and in English we can say,
Contemplative Reflection

How do you meditate?
You take your idea, you sit down, you maybe do a little breathing meditation just to settle your mind and you meditate in bursts of 3 minutes.

Contemplative Reflection (x6)

Now this is very important.
It's something that we're using more and more in ?.
It's the way of the great ? of all.
It's the way also, that's advised for beginners who meditate.
Track Name: underground
Себе цену знаем, гордо шагая по лужам
Если тут кто-то андеграунд, то мы еще глубже.
Эти песни не .. , тут смысла немало
Назови меня попсой - пропустишь в ебало.
Track Name: shit cloud
Poor parental guidance is the number one cause delinquency. At least that's what all the experts say. Do they? Well it's a good thing you have me for a dad. I'm the best role model a young girl could ask for.

The army evacuated everybody.
Yeah. A big military train derailed and this whole area is in danger of
being contaminated by a huge cloud of--
- Shit.
A huge cloud of shit?
l think l smell it!
Come on. Let's go.
Track Name: forgiveness
This chakra deals with pleasure, and is blocked by guilt.
Now, look at all the guilt which burdens you so.
What do you blame yourself for?

I ran away. I hurt all of those people.

Accept the reality that these things happened, but do not let them cloud and poison your energy.
If you want to be a positive influence on the world, you must be able to forgive yourself.
Track Name: fake world, fucked rules
И на душе так пусто, к 70-ти клоун становиться грустным.....
Прохожие подумают псих, но он допьет и будет играть для них....
Track Name: we'll miss him
He had a lot to say.
He had a lot of nothing to say.
We'll miss him.