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from by Liberal Shimmering



Opening up the album, this track encapsulates the thesis of what Liberal Shimmering is all about as an individual. Need she say more?


Deep, deep in debt, deep in thought
Falling off the deep end without a bungee
'Cause life is a circus and the girls on Haight Street are way too funky
I've got red hair and a fucked up beard, overgrown goatee
Been keepin' it real since 1993
Blazin' is good and we can be winners if we compromise
Kids say it's all about battlin'
Braggin' though it's masculinity
Freestyle means diddly and cameos provide validity
Let's politic and speak-spearean
We can talk about rappers and alien abduction conspiracies

Find your direction through introspection

Nonsense is fun, rhetorical conversations are amusing
When speech leaves book and industry thought most find it confusing
So smoke more weed and read more novels and watch more cable
And so we'll still remain skeptical


from Waking Up, released February 6, 2017
Writer: James Timothy Holland, Jr., aka Sole (Lyrics)
Writer: Keith Edward Elam, aka Guru (Lyrics)




Liberal Shimmering Murray, Utah

Avid Hip Hop producer originally from Salt Lake City. Has been producing since '08 and got really into making Hip Hop 2 years later.

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